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Assessing Demo Cars and the Role of Automotive Service Managers

Automotive service managers bear the responsibility of overseeing general operations of automotive service departments on behalf of an auto dealer. This mandate conversely puts them in charge of all departmental personnel and oversight of customer service relations. It is thus required of them to keep their staff updated on all important information. Such details may for instance cover new Peugeot arrivals as well as demo Peugeot cars for sale.


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Genesis of Demo Cars

A majority of car dealers like displaying their demo units prominently and sometimes even put them in the showroom. This is an advertising strategy which oftentimes works well for cars on sale. A dealer will many times offer cash bonuses to salespeople unable to dispose of the demo units from their inventory.

Within the automotive industry, demo units are used for exhibition purposes, with showroom managers utilizing them time and again as convenience cars. As such, the vehicles would normally have accrued some mileage at the time of being offered to car buyers, perhaps as demo Peugeot cars for sale.

Although relatively new, they end up being sold at cheaper cost than new vehicles. Still, these models easily qualify for any kind of rebate, special financing arrangement as well as vehicle warranty. You may easily find demo Peugeot cars for sale offering such advantages.

Manufacturers are capable of providing a host of incentives to automobile dealers. It includes using specified vehicles as demo cars, which come at cheaper cost than normal. If considering purchasing a demo car, ensure performing mileage checks on the vehicle vis-à-vis its offer price.

Duties of an Automotive Service Manager

This individual acts as a go-between for the client, mechanic, as well as auto dealer of say, a Peugeot 4008 Brisbane has to offer. Automotive service managers perform the following duties:

  • Ascertaining customer satisfaction while maintaining good customer relations.
  • Ensures productivity and profitability of service department, including overseeing sales and keeping of customer service records.
  • Supervising all aspects of safety in relation to servicing and maintenance of sold vehicles.
  • Overseeing the complete mechanical process while ensuring only service of the highest level of quality is provided.
  • Supervising all personnel, the service department, as well as matters of hiring and supervising.
  • Keeping track of all service data files documenting information retained to staff, including raises and reviews
  • Ensuring the dealer situated at service department meets the dealership’s goals pertaining to budgeting.
  • Creating and monitoring a marketing plan that involves creation of current and recurrent business.
  • Understanding intricacies of warranties and recalls then relaying this information to staff, given that new vehicle repairs are oftentimes covered by warranties

Typically, an automotive service manager of Peugeot vehicles would have some background in automotive repair and probably worked with a Peugeot service centre for some time before being assigned to that position. Still, dealerships could outsource one if this becomes necessary. These professionals get remunerated well in most cases, receiving a demo car, along with full medical and dental benefits.

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