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The Importance of Using On Hold Messages for Your Business

While the internet and social media have been the most popular channels of communication for businesses these days, a huge number of consumers still use the phone. If you’re running a business, remember that some of your potential and returning customers would still reach you by phone to know more about your products or services. Whether you like it or not, telephone communication is still important for your success. A smart way to address this need is using on hold messages. In a way, this strategy will reinforce your marketing efforts in reaching your target audience. Here’s how it helps your business:

on hold messages

1. It ensures callers are retained.

According to a CNN survey, 70% percent of callers who are put on hold in silence will hang up within a minute. What’s worse, a huge portion of these callers will not call back. With on-hold messaging, you can assure them that they are not disconnected. As a result, they would hold their phones up longer to wait for your answer. Keep in mind that lost calls also mean lost sales!

2. It prevents congestion of calls.

In a way, on hold messages Australia has can reduce congestion of calls to your business. For example, you can set an automatic message to answer a common question, so your call operators will be able to attend to more important calls. Have you tried calling a utility company about a power outage in your area? You would notice that you will automatically receive a message explaining the problem. Now, you can apply the same technique to your business.

3. It creates a professional image for your business.

Make no mistake, the way you take care of your calls will have an impact on how your callers view your brand. When you put them on hold in silence, they would think that you do not care for them, creating a negative impression. By using on-hold messages, on the other hand, you are demonstrating how professional you are in dealing with your customers.

4. It provides an opportunity to market your products or services.

Using on hold messages in Australia will give you the chance to market your brand to a caller while he stands by the line. For example, you can create a message about a new product you are launching. This way, he would also ask about it by the time his call is taken. A good way to boost sales, is it not?

5. It allows you to tell your story.

Aside from promoting a product or service, on-hold messaging will also give you the opportunity to let your callers know more about your brand. For example, you can tell them about your history or credentials, establishing more trust between you and them.

It would be difficult to accommodate many calls at the same instant, so some calls should be placed on hold. However, you should also remember that your callers also value their time, so you should make their time waiting for your answer more worthwhile.

With an on-hold marketing strategy, you will still be able to attend to their needs, while also ramping up your marketing campaign. Now, to find on hold messages Australia has that suit your business, you can visit

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