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Planning to Install Underfloor Heating? Here’s What You Should Know

With the rise of energy costs and increasing demand for power consumption, achieving a warm, cosy home can be more challenging for some homeowners. Thankfully, technology is providing us with more ways to live more comfortably and sustainably through the invention of the floor heating kit.

floor heating kit

floor heating kit

This system allows you to efficiently utilise radiant heat to warm up your interiors. It is installed under your flooring, so it evenly spreads out the heat across your floor area. The warmth then rises up, which results to a nice, comfortable temperature all across the room.

Benefits of underfloor heating

  • It is invisible because it remains hidden under your carpeting or flooring, thus keeping the aesthetic quality of your interiors intact

  • Easier to regulate temperatures in rooms, resulting in energy savings and more comfortable interiors

  • A floor heating kit is silent, allowing you to sleep soundly in a warm and quiet environment

  • You get to lessen your carbon emissions because you are consuming less power

  • There is no need for cleaning or maintenance

  • It doesn’t move hot air around the room. As a result, chilly drafts and stuffy atmospheres are eliminated.

  • Because air isn’t being pushed around your interiors, dust and other allergens are less likely to spread around too. This makes floor heating kit Australia models ideal for those with allergies and other respiratory problems.

Can you retrofit your underfloor heating?

This system is easiest to install under floating timber boards or existing carpeting. However, the flooring or carpet has to be removed and reinstalled after fitting in the kit. Some homeowners also include underfloor heating as an additional improvement when they are renovating. For example, installing a floor heating kit in Australia homes with tile floors can be more convenient and cost-efficient if you are replacing your old tiling. More information at Trade Warehouse.

Is underfloor heating suitable for every home?

Each type of house has different heating needs and requirements. Some properties may require additional systems and others may not be ideal for underfloor heating. For instance, if your floor coverings are made out of cork, rubber, or other insulators, then this system won’t work as the warmth can’t get through these types of materials. It’s best to talk to home improvement experts before you decide to install a floor heating kit. Get their advice on the best plan for creating warmer and more energy-efficient interiors.

How to do underfloor heating installation right

Although it’s relatively easy to install underfloor heating systems and there are plenty of DIY resources out there, your project will be unsuccessful if you don’t get the right measurements. You have to create a floor plan of the room you’ll be working on.

Identify areas that you don’t need to heat. For example, in the bathroom or kitchen, the sink areas can be skipped. Once you’ve worked out how big of an area you need to cover, you can then compute the amount of materials you need.

It is also important to buy your cheap floor heating kit Australia models from reputable suppliers. Check out for quality floor heating products.

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